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  • Hydrogen Fuel
  • Ultra Low Emission (gasoline & diesel)
  • High Octane Fuel Enhancement
  • High Cetane Diesel Enhancement
  • 100% Organic Hydrophilic Coconut Oil for Agricultural Crop
(plant diseases and multi-insect controls)
(For the Following Plantations: Coffee,Banana,Cocoa,Mango,Corn,Wheat,Citrus)

The Company started in 2003 and has Japanese consultants and 10 employees in a plant located in Metro Manila, Philippines. Plant capacity is 300,000 liters a month of all inventions.

The company does not regard local expansion as a strategy, let alone as a priority. It envisions a reality on a much grander scale and an all-encompassing influence in world developments through a vision / mission that embodies social responsibility.