1. Delivers maximum protection against viscosity and thermal breakdown due to controlled high heat temperature.

    • For REGULAR OIL - 10,000 km before Change Oil & Change Filter (NOT 3,000 km) no sticky oil with stabilized viscous until 10,000 km.
    • For SYNTHETIC OIL - 20,000 km before Change Oil & Change Filter (NOT 10,000 km) no sticky oil with stabilized viscous until 10,000 km.
    • Overall savings both for Diesel & Gas Engines is one hundred per cent (100%).

  2. Provides ultra-low friction that guarantees improve acceleration and enjoys an extra mileage of ten per cent(10%).
  3. ULTRA LOW EMISSION OIL - Reduction of harmful emission by eighty per cent (80%).

EXTENDED OIL SHELF LIFE - Is primarily achieved due to the exposed molecules processed through a seven per cent (7%) evaporation of the surface tension.

TUKS+OIL EXPOSED MOLECULES is so intelligent that upon evaporation of its surface tension, it selects the most useful molecules and the unwanted molecules were evaporated. Therefore, with fifteen per cent(15%) blends with synthetic or regular, both mono and multi grade oils,it controls the high heat temperature resulting incontrolled oxidation, thus extends the oil’s shelf life by amazingly one hundred (100%) per cent longer.

Evidently. The blends of fifteen per cent (15%) with any type of oils especially with the diesel engine oil, the 1000+km running, its color and viscous remain unchanged, as if its just newly changed oil. Remember, any good type of engine oil, since it is powered by compression, it easily gets oxidized that turns into black and sticky oil.

The other major technical highlight of this exposed molecules are the molecular lamination and penetration to the engine metals especially in the critical condition like when the engine is off. Since its molecules are exposed, disrupted, and orbited it will stick to the metal that acts as a metal treatment.

The environmental impact of TUKS+OIL when blended with different types of good oil, and with different types of engine whether old, new, and blow-bye, it will reduce the emissions by eighty per cent (80%) guaranteed.